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About Us

I’m a fiction writer and like all writers I know how hard it is to get attention for your work. I’ve sent out the queries and waited for agents to respond. I’ve watched actors going out for auditions, musicians trying to get jobs, filmmakers looking for attention, artists in the quest to put their work on display.

It came to me that the old-fashioned ways of creative people trying to connect with those who want to hire them were badly out of date in the digital world. Thus was born Daggoo, an audition web site where all kinds of artistic people could put up a profile of who they are, what they do, where they are and how to contact them. Profiles tell the world who you are. Writers can put up a synopsis. Actors, dancers, musicians, singers, performers, artists, photographers, filmmakers can describe their backgrounds and experience. Anyone can add links to their own web sites, social media and YouTube videos showing them perform. Display your work. Post who you are and what you do.

 What makes Daggoo different from social media is that those who need to connect with creative people can now search for them on one site. The important thing here is the use of keywords in describing exactly what you do. Those who conduct searches can use those keywords and find just the artist they’re looking for in any part or the world.

So – tell the world who you are and show the world what you do. Search for the artist you need. Connect. There will always be a need for performers and creative people to be found by those who want to engage them. Daggoo is the place for it to happen.

Good luck,

Bob White
Founder, Daggoo

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