Frequently Asked Questions

Does Daggoo share or sell my personal information with anyone?

 No. Daggoo does not share or sell the personal information of anyone who posts a profile.

Does Daggoo involve itself in any connection between profiled artists on Daggoo and those who search for and engage them?

No. Any connection between artists who post profiles and those who search for and connect with them is solely between those entities. Daggoo has no involvement with any activities regarding any such transactions.

Is Daggoo a free web site?

Yes. Daggoo is a free site. There is no charge to use this site either by those who post profiles or those who search those profiles.

If I do get hired, land a gig, secure an agent can I post a testimonial?

 Yes, please do. We welcome all who find success using Daggoo to go on our Testimonials section and describe their experience. And of course, please like us on Facebook and tell your friends.

Will Daggoo edit my profile?

No. We do reserve the right to remove anything that could be considered of an offensive nature, but we do not edit any profiles.

How can I contact you?

Use our email address of [email protected] to let us know what you think. We’re anxious to hear your opinions and we will respond.

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